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Scott & Brian In The Morning

Hometown: Denver, CO, via Kinross, via Sault Ste. Marie
Birthday: February 3
Years in Radio: 11 in various capacities
Other Radio Stations I've worked at: Across the street and down the dial.
Why You Got Into Radio: All broadcasters are either frustrated musicians or athletes, and my rock band never went anywhere, nor did my athletic career. And in this case, I don’t have to wear a jock strap.
What would you do if you weren’t in Radio? President, Governor, or County Drain Commissioner.
Favorite Movies: Fletch, Ace Ventura, Empire Strikes Back, Napoleon Dynamite, Snakes on a Plane(uh..maybe not)
Favorite TV Shows: 24, Late Night with Conan O’ Brien, Best Week Ever, and any Detroit Sporting Event (Lions, Pistons, Tigers or Wings)
Favorite Bands: Metallica, Green Day, U2, RHCP
Favorite Concerts: Metallica @ the Castle in Charlevoix in 1992, U2 @ the Silverdome (Zoo TV in 1992) or Pink Floyd – Division Bell @ Silverdome (in 1994), and a slew of them at Kewadin, DTE, and the Tumble-Inn.
Favorite Place to Go in Sault Ste. Marie: My bed. A close second, the bank on payday.
Favorite Food: A nice North 82 Prime Rib, Bruschetta Bread, Caesar Salad, and a cold brew. If I am ever placed on death row, there’s my final meal.
Anything else I want you to know about me: I am thankful for the creation of the microwave and the toaster. I am hopeless in the kitchen. I am also thankful for any time the dealer busts during blackjack. Finally, please tune in to Scott and Brian every morning for family friendly fun.


Annual E.E.O. Report
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IN THE U.S.   906 632-2231 · PO Box 1230 · Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783
 IN CANADA 705 759-9193 · 317 Albert St. E. · Sault Ste. Marie, ONT P6A 2J7
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